Protect a full range of Film and Fabric protection materials

Inactivates up to 80% germ and 99.9% anti-bacterial absorption and specially treated for deodorisation.


Ideal for applications that have high touch traffic, including – door push pads, handles/ leavers and opening bars/emergency opening bars in offices, hospitals, school, retails, restaurants, hairdressers, factories, warehouses etc

Desk cover throughout buildings, barbers/hairdressers work stations, retail, hotels and leisure centres, factories, warehouses, offices and schools– Ideal for protecting shopping trollies – can even by an advertising sticker

Railings, lift controls, buttons and screens etc

Gyms and leisure centres, dumb bells, weights, machines and lockers the perfect barrier protection.

In fact any surface cover in any public areas.


For larger orders we can offer further discounts, please contact us for your own quotation.