SafeHands – helping combat Covid-16

Our HandSafe’s handguards are robust, an easy to use purposed designed handgrip that provides a barrier to viruses and germs on everyday touchpoints when out and about and at work. Minimises surface contact by up to 80% and it easy to use by people with limited hand mobility.

HandSafe works with almost all doors and handles in public, commercial and private buildings. It also features a conductive nib for use on touchscreens and keypads and a non-slip grip action for using the handles of supermarket trolleys.

HandSafe has antimicrobial properties that won’t wear out over time, kills up to 99.99% of bacteria and deactivate some viruses (over 80% of bacteria are killed in 15 minutes and up to 99.99% in two hours).





80% of infections are transmitted by hands - HandSafe helps to deactivate this

Features and benefits

  • An affordable and effective barrier to avoid virus/germ transference
  • Its innovative shape is designed to grip most types of door handles so whether you are pushing, twisting or doing a pulling action you can use the HandSafe
  • HandSafe has two conveniently positioned push-points for switching on and off lights, or other switches
  • With its easy to use, grip action even for individuals with reduced mobility.
  • HandSafe reduces contact with the surface area by as much as 80% compared with a hand direct contact
  • An easy-clean wrist strap for carrying and minimising contact with hands and other objects.

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