Freetex® Fabric Anti-microbial Self Adhesive


Up to 80% Germs absorption, 99.9% anti-bacterial.

Our fabric that has anti-bacterial and deodorisation it is a non-woven fabric and has a pressure-sensitive adhesive ot the reverse. Is is very similar in its feel to canvas materials. This is an eco-friendly material.

The fabric material is treated so it inhibits germs and removes all odours. It is extremely versatile as it has a repositionable adhesive allowing it to be re-positioned.

Ideal for:

  • Interior usage, including wallpaper, stickers, signage
  • Use on freestanding walling/dividers, desk dividers, workspace dividers etc
  • ideal for applications that have high touch traffic, including
    – Door push pads, handles/;leavers and opening bars/emergency opening bars in offices, hospitals, school, retails, restaurants, hairdressers, factories, warehouses etc
    – Desk cover thoughout buildings, barbers/hairdressers work stations, retail, hotels and leisure centres, factories, warehouses, offices and schools
    – Ideal for protecting shopping trollies – can even by an advertising sticker
    – Railings, lift controls, buttons and screens etc
  • In fact any surface cover in any public areas


  • Eco-friendly, breathable anti-microbial coated fabric for minimizing the spread of the bacteria.
  • It sucks moisture, oil, germs and pollutants from the hand at the same time as a sponge and sterilizes them immediately.
  • Up to 80% Germs absorption, 99.9% anti-bacterial.
  • Its micro-porous surface captures various odor molecules such as odors flowing in the air and decomposes into odorless by a solid chemical catalyst and harmless by anti-microbial substances.
  • Removable Self-adhesive on the back for easy installation on various surfaces
  • Suitable for 3 ~ 6 months use depending on usage and circumstances.
  • Plain or Printable
  • PVC free and RoHS certified

Additional information

Weight N/A
Film Sizes

10cmx8cm, per sq. metre


Non-printed, Digital Printed – standard


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