Face Visor

Face Visor, full face shield, to help protect YOU and others from respiratory droplet transmission – carrying potentially infectious pathogens. Face Visors should be worn with face masks or covering to create four layers of protection. Face visors help shield you they don’t stop replace face masks which help to stop you transmitting if they are above 95%.

  • Reusable durable design
  • Offers superior protection when worn with a face mask
  • Unbranded
  • Minimum order quantity 50
  • Made in the UK
  • Available for next day dispatch



Face visors, experts agree plastic face visors provide some level of protection. Coronavirus/COVID-19, the illness it causes, is primarily spread through respiratory droplets, which come out of your mouth and nose when you breathe, talk, sneeze, sing etc. Therefore the main goal of wearing a surgical mask, or a mask with a filter, is to prevent those droplets from getting into your mouth and nose. But this doesn't protect your eyes, face shields might protect you from catching COVID-19 through your eyes. There’s evidence from research with the flu virus that face shields may partially block breathing in droplets of the virus, especially when it’s combined with keeping a six-foot physical distance from others. Face shield/face visors prevent larger droplets of infectious material from arriving to our face directly. It’s reasonable to add a face visor if you want an extra layer of protection

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