Digital Thermal Camera Stands

Thermal Camera Stands in stock now.
Our range of Thermal Camera Stands offers advanced technology to monitor body temperature and control the flow of people. These are great features to implement in areas with a high footfall.

  • Infrared monitor
  • Shows temperature to accuracy of 0.2 degrees celsius
  • Alerts if temperature is too high & advises individual to wear a mask
  • Customisable interface, with name, company, images, voice, brightness, volume, date, and time
  • Grants access to electronic locking doors
  • Tracks staff attendance
  • Tracks staff temperature
  • Shows report of past 50,000 readings
  • Remote live preview of linked cameras



The range of products offers high-quality materials in a stylish design. Available with or without automatic sanitiser dispenser and with options for branding on a large backboard.

Probably the best thermal cameras you can get your hands on!

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Weight 20 kg