Anti-bacterial/microbial Clear Film Self Adhesive PET from £4.40 a pair


Antibacterial PET high-transparent film that is specially treated for antimicrobial and deodorization effect with an antibacterial rate of of 99.99%.

It is simple to get 99.99% protection, just attach the film to desks, screens, buttons and handles anywhere that people frequent and are in contact with a hard surface; reduces bacteria on people’s hands and the surface it is applied to.  PET PVC material is so easy to use with its bubble-free adhesive – making it repositionable and removable.

It also has a 2H grade hard coating and anti-fouling function to prevent light scratches.


PET Antibacterial Clear Film 75 μm

  • Antibacterial rate of 99.99%
  • Easy to install because of its bubble-free adhesive
  • Repositionable & Removable
  • No residue left after removal

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10 pairs, 20 pairs, 50 pairs, 75 pairs, 100 pairs, 125 pairs, 150 pairs, 175 pairs, 5 pairs


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